Read Joshua 1:1-4
            As we start the book of Joshua today, we see the call to him from God to now put him in charge after the death of Moses. These words from God are significant because the call is to go. Joshua must now lead Israel into the promised Land. This is affirmation of the original promise to Abraham showing God has not forgotten his promise. God gives the boundaries once again of this land. You can see the original promise boundaries in Genesis 15: 18.
            Now the call on Joshua and Israel is to be faithful to their God. Just like Joshua was called; so are you as well. Maybe it's not as a leader of a nation, but you can know he has called you and wants you to be faithful where you are. How do you answer that call?  You answer God’s call by living your life in the knowledge of his promises to use your life for his glory. Are you ready to listen and to go? Let’s listen to the call today and live our lives to glorify God.
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